2022 Art Show

Submitted Artworks

PreK - 6th Grade:

(1st Place Winner) Tiger's Reflection (Valentina Trajkovic)

New Year is a time for celebration as well as reflection. 2022 is the year of water tiger. Water tiger is less aggressive, more open minded, just like the one in my painting. She will bring a peaceful and healthy new year to all of us! Tiger is also my zodiac sign :-) 

(3rd Place Winner) Tigers and Cherry Blossoms (Alyssa Wang)

The year of the tiger is coming. The tiger in the clouds symbolizes that the New Year is just around the corner, and it will bring good luck and happiness along with it, but at some point it will pass by and change into something new. 

(Honorable Mention) 菜虎 (Arianna Yang)


(Honorable Mention) Child in Mask (Valentina Trajkovic)

A child's face is completely covered by a scary mask. I hope it's a thing of the past as we enter the year of Tiger. 

舞狮虎妞 (Olivia Bi)

My drawing is about a Tiger Girl is doing a Dragon Dancing with her Cat JoJo! I was born in the year of Tiger, I will be 12 years old soon, it’s a special year for me, I hope for the best! 

舞狮子的小老虎 (Lydia Xu)

Lion Dance is a form of traditional dance to celebrate Chinese New Year. It brings good luck and fortune. This inspires me to draw this cute tiger with a lion costume to celebrate a tiger year. 

Powerful as a Thunderbolt (Jeremy Wang)

This artwork is inspired by a recently well-liked chubby tiger figure, as well as the White Tiger, one of the four fierce ancient beasts in Chinese fairytales. The combination of these two characters adds amusement to the lighting and thunder background, as a contrast to the tense atmosphere. Watercolor, oil pastels and markers are used in the painting. 

虎娃 (Liana Wang)


Boat from the Summer Palace (Lawrence Sun)

A Chinese boat that was based off the boats from the Summer Palace. 

Lion Dance Parade (Lawrence Sun)

A tiger following a boy holding a lion dance costume. 

虎年吉祥,如虎添“亿” (Michael Wang)


Happy Year of the Tiger 2022 (Cindy Zhao)

虎头虎脑2022 (Jessica Ma)

Looking Strong and Smart

Winter Olympics in the Year of Tiger (Jeremy Wang)

This year of tiger is as joyful as usually yet quite different, with Beijing hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. How exciting is that! 

The Dancing Tiger at Sunset (Elizabeth Yin)

My piece, “The Dancing Tiger at Sunset,” is loosely inspired by the warm, glowing sunset that comes so rarely, but when it comes, it’s beautiful and encouraging. The tiger is dancing, which is taken from when I did Chinese Dancing, with one foot out to symbolize kicking out the old year and its bad things, making room for the new year. 

Tiger (Yuchen Du)

I drew this particular tiger because I think this tiger is brave and vicious. 

Lion Dance (Frances Hao)

This is a little tiger celebrating the New Year with a Traditional Lion Dance 

钱袋虎 (Austin Yang)


新虎贺春 (梁艳琴)


虎年画虎 (宗澍)


虎到金来 (Emma Yu)

7th - 12th Grade:

(1st Place Winner) 寅虎 (Chunho Wong)

The legends talk about a monster called Nian that would come from the sea on the last night of the Lunar Year to prey on villages. To protect themselves, the villagers wore red and set off firecrackers, which frightened the monster so much it never returned. I used only shades of red in my drawing to represent this myth. Red is the most auspicious color in China. In Chinese mythology the tiger represents courage, power, beauty and majesty because it is the king of the beasts. I depicted scenes that are typical of Lunar New Year preparations to form the shape of a tiger's head. I also included as many symbols of Chinese culture into the drawing that I could think of. 

Going clockwise from the bottom of the drawing: 

First you can see villagers visiting their family members and cooking dumplings for the family reunion dinner. To the left, there are banners with lucky sayings. Above the banners there is a crane and a carp, which symbolize good luck. The left side of the tiger’s face is made up of scenes from the region that is the natural habitat of pandas, Chengdu. You can see steps leading up to a temple, bamboo groves, and a peony, the national flower of China. The right ear is made up of a dragon and a phoenix, which together are symbols of prosperity. On the right side of the tiger’s face is the most famous Chinese poet, Li Bai. He is like the Chinese Shakespeare. Li Bai is standing in front of a temple, composing a poem. Below the poet there is a lantern, a Chinese knot and a banner with 2022 written in Chinese. To the right of the banner you can see a plum tree. Because the plum tree blooms during winter, it represents perseverance in hardship. On the left of the tree is the temple where people go and worship the god of the tiger, to gain courage for the new year. 

The nose of the tiger shows the monster Nian. Above the tiger’s right eye is a calligraphy of the word “fortune”. Between the tiger's eyes are two monkeys, which represent me and my brother, who are born in the Year of the Monkey. My dad is born in the Year of the Tiger so this year is special to me too. 

(2nd Place Winner) The Four Mythical Chinese Beasts 

by Qingyuan (Harry) Zhang

The prints were inspired by the traditional Chinese symbols carved on pillars and various other architectures in the Han Dynasty. The four beasts symbolize the four directions and the elements that go along with them, bringing stability and prosperity for the new year. 

(3rd Place Winner) 虎年2022 (Nicole Xiao)

Tiger celebrates Chinese New Year by writing 虎年2022 in Chinese calligraphy. 

(Honorable Mention) Stretching Tiger (Muyang Shu)

Year of Tiger (Yining Tian)

The theme color of this work is red, which means luck in Chinese culture, and during the start of new year everything is decorated with red. The character on the lantern and the decoration on the girl’s cloth represents that this is a year of tiger. The smoke on the back comes from firecrackers, a type of fire work that blows on the ground with big noises, blowing firecrackers is an old tradition in China and we usually do this during festivals or people’s wedding 

Year of the Tiger (Kyla Anderson)

I was inspired a lot by traditional Korean artwork and design. I wanted to convey the themes of hope and beauty that I associate with the new year. Since this is the year of the tiger i chose a bright color palette including orange and blue to symbolize confidence. 

Tiger under the moon (Merry Ma)

Months in the lunar year are based on moon cycles, and so here we celebrate the new year of the tiger by depicting the tiger prowling under the moon. I also tried to convey a sense of movement and vitality in the tigers pose, to symbolize the festivities and joyfulness of Lunar New Year celebrations. 

Stone Tiger (Nicole Kim)

The Chinese zodiac of the tiger’s personality is a bold, courageous, and powerful. They are known for their independence and are a symbol of strength. The tiger in the painting is made out of stone to portray that people look up to them as like martyrs. 

过年啦! (Sarah Wu)

The tiger is announcing ‘Chinese New Year’ arrives! So I put different things related to Chinese culture and Chinese New Year celebration as what the tiger roars. 

Moonlit guardian (Maya Venkatesh)

I made a tiger who’s supposed to be the guardian of the night in a way. I made this because it’s the year of the tiger and I thought it would be cool to make the animal the “guardian” of the year. 

Tiger watercolor (Nikki Quartuccio)

The tiger is demonstrating the characteristics of the year of the tiger by climbing a mountain of courage, determination and strength. 

Happy new year (Jason Lu)

To celebrate the year of tiger with firework! 

Adults (18 years old and Above):

(1st Place Winner) Tiger: the past and the present (Feng Gao)

This "Tiger" character is based on ancient scripts on bronzeware Shi You Gui (师酉簋) in the Western Zhou period (1045BC - 771BC), China. It is now reproduced with local homebuilding materials: a teak board and roofing nails. Across half a globe in a totally different country, the present echoes the past. The character has transformed, while the spirit of tiger endures. 

(2nd Place Winner) Year of Tiger (Lingli Lou)

In China, people believe that a timely snow would give a promise of fruitful year. The big snow before 2022 Chinese New Year is definitely a good sign for the coming year. I wish everybody to have a wonderful tiger year. 

福虎醒狮 (Yinghui Li)


Dance all Season (Lori Lim-Wasilewski)

A Dancing Tiger reaching out to all Young and Young at heart to be in motion all year round, saying “let’s dance all season in 2022 to keep the Vigorous Tiger strength alive!” 

Bigge (Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan)

Bugs are tiny but strong. Bugs can be as strong as tigers. 

Raindrops (Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan)

The raindrops represent the spring. The rain washes away my sadness and opens a new start for myself. My self portrait represents a tiger not afraid of the rain. This is going to be a new year for myself. 

TIGER MOM (Yow-Ning Chang)

The tiger is a powerful and majestic animal. I chose to paint the side view in the hope of captivating its beauty without the intimidation. 

Fireworks in A Mysterious Pond (1 of 3) (Yingwu Wang)

Repeated freezing, melting, and then freezing make a mysterious pond on Long Island becomes a magic canvas. Mother Nature shows her surprising creativity in the winter days. 

Fireworks in A Mysterious Pond (2 of 3) (Yingwu Wang)

Fireworks in A Mysterious Pond (3 of 3) (Yingwu Wang)

虎 (Guangtao Li)

Calligraphy Tiger

元日 (Guangtao Li)

A poem of Spring Festival