2021 Art Show

Celebrate the Year of Ox Art Show 

Submitted Artworks:

PreK - 6th Grade:

(Winner) The Lucky Year of the Ox  (8 1/2 x11) by Isabelle Chen

This artwork was inspired by traditional Chinese paper cutting and modern calligraphy. I combined the two art forms, creating a simple but stylish piece of art. Red was chosen as a prominent color in this artwork because in Asian culture, it symbolizes happiness, joy, and luck. 

(Winner) Family zodiac party (8 1/2 x11) by Sarah Wu

I have drawn my family including my cousin’s family but in their Chinese zodiac form. I decided to draw them at a party wearing party hats. 

(Winner) 牛年胜利-驱走年怪兽 (Digital Art) by Elaine Xing


The Rainbow Drips of China  (8 1/2 x11) by Sara Wu

This colorful drawing is full of things related to China and things that symbolizes the Chinese culture.From decorations to lions and dragons at parties. I tried to put the same color thing in the same color block and that add some drips going down. Like the kumquat tree and Chinese daffodils in the green section are all used for celebrating 

self-portrait  (8 1/2 x11) by Ella Chen

Me wearing the strawberry shirt 

Celebrating Spring Festival  (8 1/2 x11) by Natalie Zhang

Some traditional ways of  celebrating the Spring Festival 

Celebrate spring festival with joy (12x16) by Amanda Tang

Celebrate Chinese new year with joy! Lion dancing to express and spread our happiness. Let's hang our Chinese knots, set off fireworks, give love ones red packet to spread the Best wishes. Happy Chinese New Year and wish everyone a wonderful OX year! 

Happy Niu Year (14x17) by Emma Yu

An cute Ox celebrates Chinese New Year. 

My Ox red packet (11x14) by Ethan Yu

I have a red ox packet. I also have other Chinese New Year things. 

A Pair of Gate Guardian (Pair of Menshen 门神) (11x14) by William Ling

According to Chinese tradition, Gate Guardian can fend off bad spirts and influences, and  protect the family and household. Therefore, Chinese people like to hang  images of door guardians  on door (usually in a pair) during the spring festival. 

A Pair of Gate Guardian (Pair of Menshen 门神) (11x14) by William Ling

Hello OX Year! (11x14) by Michael(冠卓)Wang(王)

Wishing you good fortune in the new year. 


Super little cow by Chuyu Liu

In the new year of OX, we are encouraged to meet challenges and difficulties with the determination like OX. The super little cow in this art piece represents all the children who are navigating through the most challenging time in the history with patience, determination and a sense of humor. 

门神 Door Gods (8 1/2 x11) by Ava Yu

Door Gods represent protection, security, and safety, which can expel evils and misfortune. Door gods paintings are decorated on doors as Lunar New Year pictures.

牧童 Village Boy (8 1/2 x11) by Ava Yu

Village boy plays flute while riding his cattle. Cattle represents hardworking and diligence without any compliant. In an Ox/Cattle year of 2021, we all will work hard together to end Covid-19. 

Language Ox (Digital Art) by Dale Zhou

Just thought it would be creative to make an ox out of words, then I got the idea to make the words different languages of the word ox. 

Minecraft Ox  (8 1/2 x11) by Dia Zhou

I love to play Minecraft, so I use its style to draw an Ox. And the color red and yellow are good for Chinese New Year. 

牛转乾坤 by Cathy Gu

by Nina Gu

The Year of the Ox (8 1/2 x11) by Jamie Shen

The artwork is about an ox in a landscape. The bright colors and words mean that the ox is in a peaceful and colorful place. The picture brings joy and luck in the Year of the Ox. 

The Bloodhorn Ox (8x10) by Austin Xu

Top ten ways to make a ox mad. 

牛气冲天 (9x12) by Emma Yu

A cute and happy ox holding a golden koi fish represents prosperity and sufficiency in the New Year of 2021. 

Be Strong 坚强  (8x5.5) by Elaine Ma

The lantern stands in a windy weather shows the spirit of being strong! The cherry blossom represents the Spring Festival is a new beginning! 

7th Grade - 12th Grade:

(Winner) Luck in the Wind (7x10) by Connie Huang

My piece "Luck in the Wind" features red envelopes flying from a basket. These envelopes symbolize good luck, and are being spread by the ox. Since the ox represents 2021, the artwork is meant to show the new year spreading prosperity. Other details like the lanterns on the orange tree and sunrise also celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

(Winner) New Year Preparations (Digital and traditional 13.318x10.773)    by Iris Liu

The most important part of the spring festival for me is the preparation for it. My mom would spend hours in the kitchen making dumplings, hanging decorations up and making other dishes as well. It’s a busy but happy time for me. I used a very stylized art style by simplifying everything and using bright and simple colors in order to depict the drawing from a child’s view. The perspective of the entire drawing also focuses on the mother, in order to show how important my mother was to me in my early childhood. 

(Winner) Ox Resist Covid (Digital Art) by Huiqi Zhou

New year means new thing, and also means throw away the old things. COVID 19 was severe last year. I wish in the new year we can overcome the pandemic. In my artworks, two ox are resisting the coronavirus. 

New Journey (Digital Art 14.21x9.5 ) by Bonan Wei

The inspiration for these two works comes from the New Year lanterns hanging on the streets of Manhattan's Chinatown. In Chinese: "礼之用,和为贵" translated into English is "In practicing the rules of propriety, it is harmony that is prized." You Zi's words are deeply engraved in Chinese culture. In the new journey, all of us should regard harmony as the most important thing and respect each other to promote the unique color of our Chinese nation. Red represents China, and yellow represents the descendants of the dragon. 

New Journey (Digital Art 14.21x9.5 ) by Bonan Wei

金牛祈福,阖家幸福 (ipad procreate, 15x15) by Aimee Yang

The decorated cloth on the ox is mimicking traditional Chinese silk thread embroidered art 

牛年快乐 (ipad procreate, 5x7) by Julia Hou

This Lunar New Year is year of the ox. The ox represents prosperity and happiness in which I am hoping that everyone will find when looking at my drawing.

Ox and 3 Lanterns (8.25x10.5) by Catherine Masrour

This work is intended to promote the themes of prosperity, happiness, and longevity in the 2021 year.  It uses vibrant colors, patterns, and designs to promote thoughts of the energy of spring and new beginnings. 

Adults (18 years old and Above):

(Winner) 嫁牛郎 (Painting on Chinese silk mounted on wooden frame 18x34) 

by Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan

I began my work as an exploration of images of Asian women in my society. This work reveals myself turns to a mini calf and married to an ox. I painted myself with the wedding dress and smiling at the ox. While the pussy willow represents the coming of prosperity for my marriage. 

(Winner) Rebirth of a Trapped Ox (Welded rebar sculpture 18"x15"x15") by Feng Gao

The ox shares virtues and sometimes stereotypes with Asian culture, being hardworking and too quiet. Shown in the sculpture is an ox being trapped inside a cube - the "norm" and mediocrity. With its head outside of the cube, the ox is striving to break the ceiling. The ox is reborn, so is its shadow as a reflection, after the first snow in the Year of Ox. 

(Winner) Long Life to All (28x28) by Yanping Yu

Wishing you a long, healthy, happy life 

Gesture No.7 (133.5x141x 0.1in) by Buwei Hu

I'm a painter, I make paintings drawings, printmaking, and ceramics. Sketching is a habit I developed since childhood and the starting point of my painting. I use drawing-in the moment and from observation-to capture the energy and vitality of my encounters with my partner, Chloe, my cat, and our shared environment. A sense of touch, intimacy, and closeness are crucial to my practice as I translate the drawings into paintings.

As I translate the drawings into paintings, my interaction with the canvas and paint replaced my interaction with the subject, and the subject matter in the painting became a symbolic carrier to convey the essence of painting. I will not refer to the original natural appearance of the subject at this stage but concentrate on the painterly issue - the fine balance between spontaneity and control, vitality, velocity, emphasis, energy, rhythm, profound, etc. - that has existed for hundreds of years. 

借牛图 by Li Zhang