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"It’s great to know how sports could help students even it takes up a lot of time. I'd like to learn more about how public speaking and debate skill affect you" -YP Yu

"It's interesting to see how they balance sports with academics. Please continue the series for various other subjects, ie , Passion in Arts, Medicine, Music, community Services, Etc. Great Job!" - Lynn



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Helped to raise $1020.00 for the 2020 Three Village Food Pantry Fundraiser


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Feedback from participants:

"I’m glad that many speakers recommended not to do something if they have no interest. That is really a key point that hopefully enlightened many parents. It was undoubtedly super helpful!! My husband and I wish we had help like this when we were growing up! Their opinions and advice are invaluable!! 👍👍👍❤️." - J. F.

"This event was really a success. It was great to hear first-hand advice from local alumni and knowing from them that college admission has a lot more randomness than we had thought; you can always refine your life goal by trying different major or changing majors during college life. So keep your eyes open and be true to yourself!... Wish there are more events like this in the near future!!" - J. Y.

"A wonderful event. The panelists are so good and true. The event was well organized. Thank you all!" - Anonymous